Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beekeeping 101 and 102

During a conversation with Miss Effie this summer, I mentioned something about our bees and doing a hive check. This reminded her that Zan Asha of Bronx Bees would be coming at the end of September to do bee classes. I asked her to keep me posted on the details so that Mr. and I could take the classes. She explained that she didn’t know anything more than the date, as she didn’t have a location in mind…so I volunteered our home and hives (in an effort of full disclosure Linkand in true student teacher’s pet fashion, this should actually read…I threw my arm in the air, jumped up and down and said, “Pick me, pick me!”) And she graciously accepted my invitation.

Fast forward to this past Saturday…our home was transformed into the site for Beekeeping 101 and Beekeeping 102 classes.

The Queen Bee leading her students to the hive.

Unfortunately, the temperature hovered barely above 55 degrees and the clouds stayed nearby for most of the day, so opening the hives was kept to a minimum. When they were able to open one of the hives, the bees responded with their disapproval and quickly accomplished what they set out to do…the beekeepers retreated.

Weather aside, the day was extremely fun and educational. When asked about the class, I heard one attendee say, “Zan is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about bees. I think she could have taught for three days and still had something to say about them.”

It was so amazing to hear so much about bees and to meet other area (near and far) beekeepers.

Thanks Miss Effie and Zan!

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