Monday, January 23, 2012


I’m a DIYer. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t. In fact, when I search my brain for times that I may have been prone to buy something vs. make it or do it myself, I can only think of things that confirm that I’ve been this way always.

I remember touring a huge department store for a marketing class in high school. Our tour guide stopped in the women’s formal department to brag that this beautiful black number on the mannequin had recently been sported by some celebrity at one of the awards shows. The price was some umpteen thousand dollar number. As we walked away I muttered to a classmate… “I could make that.” She stopped dead in her tracks and said, “I was waiting for you to say that. But that’s the difference between you and me…you say you can make it and I think – how many hours would I have to work to pay for that.”

So whether I’m cooking or sewing or fixing or creating, I usually DIY and here’s why…

1. I’m cheap! I’ve stated this in other posts and there’s no getting around it.

2. I love to be able to pronounce and know what the ingredients are in my food. When you do it yourself, you control what goes into your body.

3. If you grow it or raise it, (chickens/eggs, goat milk, produce, flowers, etc.) you can’t beat the freshness.

4. It’s healthier – see number 2 and 3.

5. There is an unbelievable sense of accomplishment and pride when you complete something yourself.

6. Life is too short to spend working to pay bills - see number 1.

7. I love a challenge. There are certain things that I can’t do well. I can’t bake bread that tastes good consistently. And because it’s not the best that I know I should be able to do…I try, try and try again.

8. It’s fun! Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way that you planned – see number 7. And sometimes it turns out so far from what you planned that you have a great story and usually a great lesson in what not to do.

So there you have it. I DIY and I’m proud of it. Did I miss something that should have been on the list? Why do you DIY?


  1. I consider myself a DIYer as well. All is took was a Youtube video, and I felt prepared to slaughter my chickens. I try to use what I already have or create something I don't have. Are we cheap? I like to think we're smart and creative! Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. I'll second the smart and creative! So glad to hear that you're not afraid of the butchering process - isn't YouTube amazing! I'm doing very well...thank you!

  3. Love it! I agree, if you can DIY, you will save money, and I love the fact I'm becoming more self reliant. Thanks for sharing!